Secure Windows in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees

Here at Billingham Windows, in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees, we specialise in professionally installing the perfect windows and windowframes for your home. To do this, we use products made from the highest quality PVC-u providing you with a finished product that can be tailored to meet your requirements and will stand the test of time.

In this section of the website, you’ll find valuable information about why PVC-U is the right choice for you, what styling options we have available as well as alternative window styles such as “Tilt & Turn” windows.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing new windows for your home and whilst size and shape will depend largely on the opening a wide variety of options are necessary in order for you to achieve the appearance you want that will make it as individual as the interior.

Whether you choose the sleek appearance of the original or a more decorative profile, Selecta Systems collection will give you easy to maintain windows that are stylish, elegant and unique. Reassuringly, the wide variety of designs available will complement the architecture of any home and add value.

What are the Main Benefits of PVC-u?

Below, Billingham Windows highlight a few benefits of PVC-u, and how this advanced technology can transform your home.

Low Maintenance

Painting, staining, sanding and filling are all eliminated. To remove any dirt simply wipe over with a damp cloth and mild detergent.


Comfort and safety should never be compromised through security. In the event of an emergency our windows and doors provide easy and reliable exits that meet all safety standards. Additionally, childproof hinges and locks can be fitted to restrict opening aspects and a night vent facility is available to allow air circulation while the windows remain in a semi-closed position.

Easy to Install

We will install your new windows and doors with minimum disruption to you and your home. We will take detailed measurements at your convenience to ensure that your new frames fit perfectly and will ensure that all debris is cleared away once the project is completed.


When it comes to style the discerning homeowner is looking for an individual product that will enhance the look of their property. Appearance and choice are two of the most important aspects to consider. For these reasons Selecta aim to provide as much choice as possible to accommodate individual taste and style. All products are available in a sparkling white finish or if you prefer the look of traditional wood, Golden Oak or Rosewood finishes are available.

Colours, Styles, and Handles

Whilst many favour the bright appearance of brilliant white window frames others prefer the more natural appearance of a wood finish product. Therefore, to give maximum choice we offer rich and luxurious Rosewood or rustic Golden Oak options.

Can’t make your mind up? You could always have both with white frames on the inside to blend with decor and a wooden finish on the outside to suit the exterior of your home.

All styles and shapes are possible, and the bead used in the window design can subtly change the angles in the window from a soft curve to a straight edge. It is possible to add a bay or bow window to create a more spacious feel in a room or modern tilt and turn windows may be a practical alternative. We have many combinations available to suit your individual requirements.

You can choose from an array of safe and secure handles that will integrate into the overall appearance of the window. A white slimline handle that blends with the frame may be your preferred choice or a gleaming, elegant brass option could be used to enhance the openings. The choice is varied and yours.

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